Ca n'Alfredo

Ibizan cuisine

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Timetable: 13h to 17h / de 20h to 01h
Closed Mondays in summer.
Closed Sunday night and all day Monday winter.


Cuinat (vegetable stew traditionally eaten at Easter)


“Bullit de peix” –Fish casserole and rice with cuttlefish

(Mínimo 2 personas)



“Guisat de peix” –Ibizan fish stew

(Mínimo 2 personas)



“Sopas Mallorquinas”


Legume and vegetable soup


Broad beans Ibizan style


Stewed spiny lobster from Ibiza 1 Kg.



Marinated long fin tunny or red tuna with Cava vinaigrette



“Borrida de ratjada” –Ibizan skate stew with almonds



Salt cod “Ca n’Alfredo”


Stuffed squids with Sobrasada (spicy pork sausage)


Squids in ink sauce


Baked fish (John Dory, red sea scorpion, sea-bream, dentex or grouper)


“Raones” razorfish with “tumbet” (baked layers of vegetables) (“loritos” only in season)


Fried eggs with “tumbet” (baked layers of vegetables) and Sobrasada (spicy pork sausage)


Farmer´s omelette with potatoes and vegetables


“Sofrit pages” (lamb, Chicken, Sobrasada –spicy pork sausage, Butifarra-black pudding and bacon)


Rabbit with snails and mushrooms