Ca n'Alfredo


(+34) 971 31 12 74 &

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Timetable: 13h to 17h / de 20h to 01h
Closed Mondays in summer.
Closed Sunday night and all day Monday winter.


Assorted Baleares cheeses


Ibiza’s assortment of pastries


Ibiza’s tender cheese with figs and honey


Ibiza’s tender cheese with homemade quince


House flan with cream and hot chocolate


Catalan Creme Brulee


Mousse, rice pudding and cinnamon and vanilla coulis


Cup “Ca n’Alfredo”


Profiteroles with hot chocolate


“Sant Joan” macaroni


Scottish or Irish coffee


Figs pudding with mandarin ice cream and white chocolate mousse


House special (mandarin pudding, cylinder of chocolate mousse cream cheese and almonds)


Thousand mango leaves, white chocolate mousse with curry and green apple sorbet


Grilled pineapple with vanilla ginger and cinnamon ice cream


Yogurt mousse with coulis and berries ice cream


Figs with chocolate ice cream


“Ca n’Alfredo” soufflé (min. 2 pers.)


Vanilla ice cream, hazelnut, almond and chocolate


Sorbets: lemon, tangerine, melon, watermelon, raspberry and balsamic vinegar


Coulant mint chocolate ice cream


Custard with hot chocolate